In the Valley of Grace

Hey everybody! Sorry for being quiet for so long, but you know how bad the internetconnection can be. I'm writing in English 'cuz the computer I'm borrowing at the moment does not have the swedish letters. Stupid thing!
Right now I'm in a small. almost obefintlig town called Genadendal. It's about 2 hours from Cape Town. Very green, and surrownded by high mountains. So that's probably why the signal is so bad!

You have no idea how sceptical I was before coming here! We were told that we would be staying at a hostel with some of the kids in this school (Emil Weder Hoërskool), and the last hostel we visited wasn't really a good experience. I'm sure that place was haunted or something! But this is different. There's a positive attitude here, and everyone is so friendly! So I'm sure we'll survive the 3 weeks we'll be spending here!

That's all for now, hope you guys are enjoying the snow! Another one is developing a heavy tan. Hopefully I'll still have it when I go back. Jag tjuvstartar sommarens tan-hets! So long muchachos!

Postat av: sabina

jag saknar dig så mkt att jag går sönder!

kom hem sajdii!

2011-03-08 @ 11:45:48

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